Saturday, February 11, 2006

Statham & Joanna

Mark & Pippa rehearsing in Statham's set.

There are some absolutely superb Statham scenes in Series 2.

The Boyce/Statham relationship is hysterical with loads and loads of great comedy....stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

reminded by this picture:
as I've never been on any filming location, is it usually this bright? the window is naturally overexposed, and the walls are white so that does affect, but...
how much brighter is it than in a normal place?

JPG said...

That's a good question 'Anonymous'.

Studio sets are normally quite dimly lit as far as digital cameras are concerned, due to the small lens and lack of aperture.

In reality, to the eye, it would look like a normal to well lit room.

I had to use a flash in this instance (you can see it in the mirror) which has correctly exposed the walls and the artistes, but over exposed the window area.

All the Green Wing sets were lit as naturally as possible (expertly by Rob Kitzmann), meaning that the lights outside the window were very bright to bleach out the painted backdrop outside so that there's not too much detail in it.

This gives the feeling of natural sunlight, with a hint of something beyond.

In Statham's office, the glass is obscure, plus we painted quite a bit of grime on it, so you can never really make anything out outside.

Sue White's office by contrast, has a more detailed painted backdrop and some real greenery, and clear glass (with a ventian blind) so you can sometimes see a bit more detail.