Thursday, February 09, 2006

Matchstick Jesus

The amazingly funny Mark Heap and my little matchstick of about 6 we had to make for re-takes.


Anonymous said...

Those Jesuses were actually quite pretty. For some reason - unknown to myself - the scene where Joanna brakes the arm and says, "I've got Jesus's arm!" is so very funny! It just keeps making me laugh! :) So totally absurd...

Who's idea was it, by the way, to put those stained-glass pictures on the X-ray "window"? You don't notice them at first at all but when you do, it is all the funnier. :)

dizzi1 said...

the what? I never noticed them! *rushes off to watch the episode*

Im really dumb, I never notice half of the visual jokes. I need someone to point them out before I see them, you know I never even noticed in one scene somewhere that Martin still had a coathanger in his coat when he was wearing it lol?!

I love the look on Mark's face on that pic hehe

Anonymous said...

dizzi1, you can also see them in that mark heap picture. :)

dizzi1 said...

oh aye so you can!

See, what did I tell you lol?! Cheers for pointing it out :D

Haha thats really smart!

JPG said...

I can't honestly remember who exactly thought of those.

When it was scripted that Statham became all religious, we (Victoria and I) discussed many different props to dress his set with.

I'm not sure how much you see of it on camera, but there were a number of different bibles laying around and we replaced the bird prints by the light box with some religious paintings.