Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Cliff Hanger

26th November 2003.
I arrived at Seaford Head at about 5am that morning. I have never known weather like it. The wind was gusting to at least 50mph, and the rain was torrential.
Our dining bus swayed back and forth rendering the upper deck useless.
The facilities vehicles looked fragile. A vigorous low pressure system was descending across southern England, and we were feeling the full force of it.
As dawn broke, the atmosphere amongst the crew was very tense.
It was costing a fortune to be here with so many special effects and stunt people. It was clearly far too dangerous to film on a cliff top, and the prospects were looking grim.

Dawn broke.

Miraculously, as the sun came up, the wind died down and the rain stopped. An air of calm descended. The change from the pitch black morning storm to the peaceful dawn was nothing short of incredible.

This photo was taken at about 7:30am.

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