Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ambulance stunt

Later that morning, after setting up the various ambulance rigs, Stephen, Karl and Julian were driven down to the cliff edge, and then blindfolded.

They were carefully led to the spot where we had rigged the ambulance.

This photo shows the moment that we revealed the ambulance rigs to them, with the ambulance on the cliff, and the second dummy ambulance on the gimbel rig.

There's so much to write about this day, that I'll have to post more later.....


taigathefox said...

This has definitely been intresting reading for a clueless foreigner fan. Thanks!

Loganoc said...

The expression on Karls face is just priceless - he's loving it!

I was wondering how you did this, actually. How did you keep the van from falling? There seems to be a rope attached to the front, but is there also some sort of plate underneath? It was very good and such an exciting scene, anyway!

BiScUiTs said...

Ah fantastic! Very amusing hehe.

JPG said...

We had to place steel sheets all around the edge of the cliff to protect the ground from crumbling.
That was then covered in turf to hide it, and a couple of bushes put in for good measure.

The ambulance was then tethered by a large steel cable and a separate safety cable which were both fixed to a JCB out to the left, meaning that it couldn't possibly be dangerous.

Tricky old business....

smoo2 said...

And this was presumably filmed by the white cliff of Dover not in Wales as the girlie characters say in the programme.
You are going the right way about getting lots of readers for your blog by putting up JRT pics!

JPG said...

Seaford Head, near Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters was the location.
Stunning views.

cello said...

This was indeed a sensational scene.
Two questions if that's OK.

I seem to remember that the back doors of the ambulance were open. How did you ensure that Karl didn't slip to oblivion?

And it was also dawn with strong low light, I think. How did you get the continuity lighting right when it must have taken hours to film?