Saturday, February 11, 2006

Favourites Characters and Favourite Scenes

Here's a chance for you to vote on your favourite Green Wing characters, and your favourite scenes.

Please post your votes/comments here......


Anonymous said...

Mac. Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac. :) And Caroline. Sue White for madness. :) Guy for the "self-centred egotistical wankbot". :)

You should rather ask who we like the least... only I wouldn't know an answer even for that...:)

One of the favourite scenes is Joanna taking the phone from Harriet and whining to the boy, "Nanananana, memememeeememeee. Oh grow up!"

Anonymous said...

Sue White, boyce and mac. favourite scenes "are you speaking to me like a Nazi from a film" invisible hangover hat and Sue White with the extra long arms.

JPG said...

There's SOOOOO many more fantastic Sue White scenes in series 2.
Some real classics....

poppy said...

sue white! as for fav scene...well it could take a long time.

dizzi1 said...


One of my favourite seens is Mac shoving Guy's face into the bowl of cereal lmao!! Though there are loads of other great scenes too!

And woohoo! Cant wait to see the Sue White scenes in Series 2. Actually, I just can't wait til series two full stop. :-P

cello said...

Favourite character? Toss-up between Guy and Martin. I think Karl is brilliant, especially the scene where he's opened Guy's envelope and is considering whether to go to Switzerland to post it back.

And Guy makes me laugh more than anyone, with" Duz it sey nah smokin'?" being the pick of a very fine crop.

Also love Statham and Joanna's scene about spontaneity "I'll see what can be arranged".

Favourite actor is another matter entirely...

taigathefox said...

Favourite character: Massively Annoying Chap
(or Alan or Sue)

Too many favourite scenes, but maybe one of these:

- Mac & Guy: "Thou shalt have a mackerel" - scene
- Mac & Guy: "Cut 'em open, bitch.
Gas her, fucker. Sew her up, gimp" - scene
- Guy & Sue buying the sofa together
- Alan shouting: "Sod off you jezebel..."

smoo2 said...

Fav character is Mac, and very difficult to pick a fav scene.
Guy and Martin - 'she's my smoo' scene
Mac and Caroline - 'coming round my gaff'
Mac and Caroline - 'hangover hat'.

Anonymous said...

Favourite character is Guy.
Scene is a bit hard, there are probably loads i can't remember but i particularly like those between Alan and Joanna. Maybe the seedling one?

BiScUiTs said...

Ooh! Alan!!
I don't know which scene though, um... any will do really. Hehe.

JPG said...

So many to choose from!

I'll just have to post as many pictures as poss of all the characters!

Anonymous said...

Gay Guy Secratan:D! for sure. my favourite seen is the one when alan comes out of the closet and plays that flute:'D

suzanne said...

favourite character?
Sue White, obviously.

I love her so much it hurts sometimes.

aardvark said...


and favourite scene? Well I LOVED the whole episode where she was trying to kill caroline: the crossbow, the lift: Caroline: What?
Sue: Lovely day!
Caro: I thought it was cloudy and chilly...
Lift opens
Sue: Oh! Here you go!
Caro: Don't you want it?
Sue: Nooooo. I'll just see you into your... metal tomb
Caro: I'll take the stairs
Sue: Sure? Can't tempt you?
Goes into stairs. Martin comes out holding wire
Martin: Someone tied this wire across the stairs. It's bloody dangerous!
Sue: GIVE ME THAT (slaps him)
Martin: What!?
Sue: Nothing, nothing at all

hmmm it's over a year since I saw that episode and I still know it off by heart.

Liked Sue with long arms too

Anonymous said...

Sue White and Guy together, that relationship should be explored!!!

Guy: Do you know what I like about you? Fuck all.

That has to be one of my favourite lines, coat cupboard scene and Sue chasing him singing Kylie are close runners up!

Great blog, you do great sets for all my favourite shows, good job!

Secretan's Slave said...

I really really love Guy... all others pale in comparison... although they are all pretty fantastic!!!

Slimady said...

SUE. WHITE. Absolute LEDGE. (That's short for legend for anyone not down with the kids these days).

I'm totally addicted to Green Wing at the moment, loving the new series.

Fave scene without a doubt is Sue's extra-long arms. Although, there are SO many to choose from. Keep up the good work! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Mark Heap as Alan - am scarred for life by his brilliance. Have just spent a whole Bank Holiday weekend unable to stop impersonating him (and I'm a woman so it sounds even more, er, odd*)

His scene with the coffee enema !@!!! You know it is a classic when just mentioning it makes you laugh out loud.
Frankly I could watch a whole series of nothing but him juggling and doing his thing.
Come on, Channel 4. He's bloody marvellous.

*Oh dear, and I own a recorder... but I don't play it any more, honest. Not since I got the bagpipes.