Friday, February 24, 2006

Sue White

Michelle and Tamsin share a funny moment off-camera during a rehearsal.

A visual trip around Sue White's Office

These three photos will hopefully give you a little glimpse into the world of Sue White, and the amount of detail that goes into dressing a set.

Notice the paperwork on the pin board for example. All of which is custom made by us and contains real information that could be in an actual Head of HR office, just in case any of it can be seen on camera.

The cut-out flower on the window ledge has a long history. It was first hired for the pilot episode, which was shot on location in an empty office in Basingstoke.

When the pilot was commissioned, and the first series was made, Sue White's office became a set, which we had to match exactly to the interior of the office from the pilot.

Sadly (for us) the flower didn't exist anymore by the time of the series, so we had to make our own, as close to the original as possible.

This was then kept until series 2, and used again, as was a lot of the prop dressing. Continuity, continuity, continuity!

Guy's Car

Here's a photo of Guy's car, a rather stylish Toyota Celica.

This shot was taken on location outside a hospital main entrance, getting set up for a take.

Statham & Boyce

This was the scene after the Slave Auction night.

Two real stars!