Thursday, March 09, 2006


The boys discuss the finer points of Topmiler with the Director.
(sorry...back to Series 1 for a bit)
Photo © Martyn Porter


Better Late Than Never said...

Hehe! I loved that makeshift topmiler! And I love that pic. *whispers* partly because I can see the back of JR-T's gorgeous head! *shifty eyes*

JPG said...

Plenty of pics of the fron of his gorgeous head to follow in the Series 2 a real treat in Episode 5 for JRT fans.

Better Late Than Never said...

Oo! Don't say that, you'll make me fall off my chair! I shall now and have to go and be a childish fan girl somehwere in a corner now!

la said...

strangely enough, that hair looks a bit like my sister's... first I saw the picture I felt I knew the hair because it was quite like my sister's... then realized it was because it's mac...:)

well, caroline did say she'd thought mac looked like a man with girl's hair. or however that went. just before the 'better late than never' thing. :)