Sunday, March 05, 2006

Real photos on set

Often we have to mock up pictures of the cast in order to dress them in around their 'houses' to make the space more personal and realistic.

These two pictures show a before and after version of a picture I took which I mocked up for Joanna's flat, creating a late 60's holiday snap of Guy's father, obviously using Stephen dressed up.

Once I took the photo, I cut them out using Photoshop and put them on an Alpine background.

I'm not sure the viewer could even see this picture on set, but perhaps you can look out for it in the final epsiode of the series, when Guy visits Joanna at her flat.


Craig J said...

ta da!

la said...

I had no idea it was stephen mangan in that picture. thanks for letting us know!

those clothes are brilliant! :)

JPG said...

Wow!, I'm impressed....well done Craig J. Excellent work.
Thanks for that.

smoo2 said...

Stephen Mangan looks great like that! Yes, I did notice the pic in the last episode, so don't worry, your handiwork is appreciated! It's all in the details I guess!

Craig J said...

No problem, any time. I adore Green Wing as people know from this video I made:

It's been published on so it's been around. Apart from the titles, I think I made a pretty decent job!

Keep up the amazing work.

JPG said...

Very decent job even...very impressive.
You'll have plenty to do when Series 2 comes's full of some absolute classic moments.

Craig J said...

Thanks, I'm sure there will be a huge amount of classic moments come series 2.

Green Wing inspired me to set my career choice, going to college in September with tv and film editing courses to help me get to Uni and help me get that career in digital media editing.

You're so lucky to be a part of such a huge British show like Green Wing and i'm so jealous lol.