Thursday, March 09, 2006

Statham's Gay Projection

"Do you think anybody will notice?"

No trickery involved. We actually projected this image on to the side of a wall in Harrow!

Some of my proudest Photoshop work!
Photo © Martyn Porter


la said...

that IS a brilliant picture! ...who are the original people in it? ;) part of the GW staff by any chance? ;)

JPG said...

The woman Mark is talking to is Victoria Pile, creator of Green Wing, but I'm not sure who the other is I'm afraid.
I've got quite a few crew photos behind the scenes if anybody's interested at all?
You can see what we all get up to!

taigathefox said...

That was such a hilarious scene.

More photos, please :)

la said...

yes, I'd like to see a picture of Victoria Pile so that I could see her face as well. :) I've tried to look for one but haven't managed to find.

I actually meant who the people in the picture on the wall are...;)

JPG said...

They were 2 models who were employed specifically for that photo shoot mock-up. Will post a pic of VP when I can dig out one that I think she'd be happy with!