Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Megastore DVD Signing

Here are some pictures from Rose and Imogen.

Please feel free to share your thoughts of the event or email me any of your pictures...seems like everybody enjoyed themselves!


gothic badger said...

Imogen says she would like to blame her lack of attention in the last photo on the guy with the camera. I blame our gormlessness. Funny photos though- afterwards we were all laughing at them in costa under virgin megastores.
- I was watching the 'behind the scenes' featurette earlier and saw you being mentioned, and then when watching a few clips I couldn't help but cringe every time Joanna attacked a matchstick Jesus...

JPG said...

Yes, you can't get too attached to the things that you make!...prepare to cringe again in Episode 3 on Friday!!!

Lydia said...

It was a fun event, the guys were lovely, just wish I'd had more time to chat! Stephen was particularly charming, although I'd be interested to meet him in a less high-pressure environment when he's more relaxed and natural (rather than being the entertainer).

Discovered that Julian went to Warwick and did English and Theatre Studies, and I'm currently at Warwick doing English and Theatre Studies too! He seemed delighted, and also remembered one of my tutors.

By the time I'd finished talking to Stephen and Julian and reached Oli, the security guard was growing purple in the face and barking "MOVE ON MOVE ON" in increasingly violent tones, so I didn't talk to him at all.

I really wanted to congratulate all the creative team on Green Wing (I saw Victoria Pile and one of the producers, - don't know his name, he's in the boardroom scenes - and who I presume are some of the writers also hanging around), but didn't know anyone by name except VP and didn't want to embarrass myself.Or risk prompting the security guard to put his brawn into action. :P

I can congratulate you here, at least!

I realise none of this may be of any particular interest to you, but thought I'd share it anyway!

Me and Stephen
A pouty Julian and Oli

Robin said...

Hello... love the blog, been reading for a while. As an amatuer film maker myself it's always great to get an insight!

May I ask, who on earth had the wonderful job of painting that picture of Martin for Episode 4 last week?

Aimee said...

ooh i went i went!
i seem to be a bit behind with discovering the hidden wonders of - only just seen you & james henry are regular bloggers on here.
as i said, i appear to be rather behind, but if you're interested i got some pictures too..
me kissing a surprised steve mangan
me & julian r-t
me & oli chris
- my hmtl skills arent upto much so hopefully these links will actually work!
aimee x

Gizmo said...

Arse fangles. Here I go, all late as usual- over a month late!
Bollocks with a side or of rats. And I do so want to meet the lovely Stephen.